Sonia Ben Slimane, Legal Counsel and Office Manager

Having trained both in Labor Law and Civil Procedure at the Ecole Nationale de Droit et de Procédure (ENDEP), and with twenty-year experience in law firms, Ms. Sonia BEN SLIMANE brings her know-how to the Bondard Practice providing her legal and managing skills to the team.

She is also in charge of research on rules, regulations and case law to assist our lawyers in building and managing each case (with the Court of Commerce, various Public departments, etc.).

Academic Achievements

2016: ENADEP – Refresher course in Civil Procedure regarding the new decrees governing proceedings at first instance and appeals.

2015: ENADEP – Labor Law specialization

2006: Specialization in Civil Procedure

2004: Graduate Degree at the ENADEP

2001: Undergraduate Degree at the ENADEP