The Bondard Law Firm provides key support to entrepreneurs and startups so that you may start your company quickly and efficiently.
The firm will assist you in each of the following steps: 

“Creating your business” :

  • Choosing your legal structure, drafting articles of incorporation, shareholders’ agreement and carrying out the registration formalities;
  • Protecting your creations: filing applications and registrations for your trademarks, domain names, patents, designs and models; carrying out prior research;
  • First contracts: confidentiality agreements, general terms and conditions of sale, general terms and conditions of use, etc.

“The life of your company”

  • Raising funds: legal assistance, amending shareholders’ agreement, capital increase, etc.
  • Tailor-made contracts: partnership agreements, service agreements, licensing, assignments, contracts for the creation of your Internet site, consortium agreements, etc.
  • Internet sites: Audit of the legal requirements of your website, risk analysis (personal data, international trade), formalities with the CNIL, (French administrative regulatory body whose mission is to ensure that data privacy laws and regulation are respected).
  • R&D: evaluations, audits, licenses, takeover or sale of the company.
    Litigation : the firm handles your business litigations. 

“Money and your company: financing and record keeping”

  • In partnership with EXPEN, a firm specialized in auditing and counseling companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Public subsidies, fundraising, loans, accountancy and reporting. Feasibility analysis, presentation literature, evaluation, record keeping, VAT, corporate tax, reporting.

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