Our Areas of Focus

Litigation and arbitration

We handle all of your intellectual property and contracts litigation before French civil and commercial courts, including unfair competition lawsuits, patent, trademark, design, and copyright infringement lawsuits.

We assist you through judicial proceedings and/or alternative methods of settling disputes, mediation or conciliation.

Thanks to our close network of fellow attorneys, each selected for their particular skills, we are also able to coordinate cross-border litigation, in particular with the U.S..

We also represent our clients before arbitration proceedings and in mediation procedures.

We also manage the production of documents for our international clients, including in the context of subpoenas, from the negotiation of search terms to the production of electronic and paper documents.


The Bondard Practice provides key support to entrepreneurs and start-ups that enables you to start your company quickly and efficiently.

You will benefit in particular of the firm’s assistance regarding the following first steps in the development of you company :

At the start: “Creation of your company”

  • Choice of your legal structure, drafting of the bylawss, shareholders’ agreement.
  • Protection of your creations: prior searches, filing of your trademark applications; domain names, patents.
  • Contracts : confidentiality agreements, general terms and conditions of sale, general terms and conditions of use, licensing and/or assignment of rights, distribution agreements, collaboration agreement, freelance agreements, etc.
  • Personal data: audit and appropriate declarations at the CNIL, as necessary.

Ongoing: “Your company’s life”

  • Raising funds: modification of your shareholders’ agreement, capital increase, etc.
  • Contracts: all the commercial contracts you may need during the life of your company, including the negotiation of such contracts, in English or in French.
  • R&D : audits, licenses, takeover or sale of a company.
  • Litigation : commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation.

Please contact us for more information about our « Start-ups Support » : cb@bondard.fr.

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