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I. Our practice offers management services for trademarks and industrial designs, assisted by teams of industrial property lawyers who are carefully selected based on their additional expertise. More specifically, we will carry out:

  • analyses of precedence,
  • national, community, and international registrations,
  • negotiations and draft contracts related to transfers, licensing, research, collaboration, consortiums, and confidentiality

For your merger and acquisition projects or any other changes in the structure of your business, we will perform audits on aspects of intellectual property and negotiate provisions for the securing, licensing and transferring of intellectual property assets during transactions. These include tendering, acquisitions, transfers, IPOs, private placements, and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and the protection of trade secrets.


The Bondard Law Firm guides creators and businesses as to how to protect their creations, logos, trademarks and designs.

We intervene in every strategic step of the implementation of the management policies of these intangible assets.

Protection and evaluation :

  • portfolio audits of your intangible assets
  • prior searches
  • evaluation of the risks related to the application of a trademark or a design
  • national, European and international applications
  • monitoring of trademarks and designs

Development and contracts :

  • trademark and design license
  • licensing of rights
  • co-existence agreements
  • franchise
  • distribution

We also manage your pre-litigation and litigation matters relating to trademarks, design and domain names to protect you from counterfeit, unfair competition, appropriation of the domain name or trade name, whether you be the plaintiff or the defendant.

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The Bondard Law Firm advises you in the acquisition of your patents, in all technical fields as well as should any patent-related litigation arise. To this end, we collaborate with consulting engineers specialized in the relevant field for all the technical aspects.

More specifically, the firm guides you regarding:

  • prior research for future patent registration
  • analysis of the validity of your right
  • analysis of existing patents: validity and risk of infringement
  • patent audits (the existence of rights, the validity, the risks related to the exploitation of those rights)
  • mergers and acquisition projects or any projects to transfer titles
  • financial evaluations of the patent in view of the field in question 
  • applicable regulations and royalties
  • negotiations and contract drafting
  • infringement litigations


We also negotiate and draft contracts such as:

  • assignments contracts
  •  licensing contracts
  • collaboration contracts
  • research contracts


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IV. The Bondard Law Firm verifies for its clients and – in particular, its biotech clientele – the extent and validity of their intellectual property rights as well as the effective protection thereof.

We analyze the technical, administrative and legal components and their adequacy regarding the pending acquisition projects. To this end, the firm verifies the products and protection adequacy, ensures that the flagship patents are not about to fall into the public domain and control the patent ownership.

We examine :

  • the adequacy of the intellectual property policy implemented by the audited company with its development policy and its commercial strategy
  • The expiry and renewal of the rights
  • The legal statute of patent applications portfolio (under examination) and patent applications registered (ownership), as well as the registered or pending trademarks or trademarks whose extension have been requested
  • The regularity of your contracts, royalty payment, ownership or grant of license (including software licenses) will be conducted to ensure that the appropriate royalties have been paid or received
  • The opportunity to obtain additional trademarks or patents, or not, and the availability thereof before developing product lines and widening the range of intangible assets