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    Literary and Artistic Property Law

The Bondard Law Firm serves the interest of innovative and creative companies

The Bondard Law Firm is an American-style legal office in the heart of Paris that offers its legal services to innovative companies, startups and their ecosystem (investors, corporate incubators and accelerators).

Our lawyers defend innovative and creative companies, whether they be startups or large multinational companies, in their developing stages, specifically with intellectual property, business and corporate legal matters, as counselors or attorneys.

Member of the Paris and New York bars, co-founder and President of the French-American Bar Association in the U.S. (FABA) and President in France, the principal of the firm, Céline Bondard, Esq, and her collaborators will support you in developing your activity in France and worldwide, specifically in the United States.

The Bondard Law Firm guarantees that your legal issues will be handled quickly and confidentially.